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Vlad and Reigne have always been fans of Filipino movies. I can’t tell you how many film ideas they have sent us during the planning stages. In the end, we decided to incorporate snippets from different movies in one AVP. more

Inspired by a popular Filipino movie “She’s Dating the Gangster” and here’s a teaser from Vlad and Reigne’s AVP. We can’t wait to upload the entire film. We hope you enjoy this teaser. more

“Know that love is truly timeless.”
― Mary M. Ricksen

“The Time Traveler” more

Merry christmas, everyone! Are you in the mood for some kdrama? I know I am! We can finally share Hail and Gella’s Mini-movie, which we shot months and months ago. Hail and Gella are huge kdrama (READ: City Hunter) fans, which should already explain why we came up with this. 😀 more


Lester and Therese have one of the most interesting love stories I have ever heard. They met each other when they were very little, when Therese and her family came to Australia. more

Patrick and Michell’s AVP more