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I know that Valentines Day whizzed by. Being in the business of shooting weddings though, it’s truly a blessing that we are able to witness Valentines Day almost every weekend, and in between.

A circle is endless and goes round and round. It has no beginning and no end. This is exactly why couples exchange wedding rings, because they symbolise eternal love and devotion between two people. more


According to Merriam-Webster, anticipation is the feeling of excitement about something that is going to happen. Anticipation can be conveyed in many forms. It can be expressed through a smile, tears or a deep sigh. more


Who ever said that long distance relationships never work? I say, there’s always an exception. Carlo and Dianne’s love story is one great example. Carlo is based in Sydney, Australia while Dianne lives in Manila, but somehow, they made it work. Carlo went to Sydney in the hopes of becoming a better person. Little did he know that all he needed was Dianne. more

We met Eric more than a year ago and I remember almost immediately clicking with him and his cute little brother, Renzel. I would assume that it was because we were all from DLSU, and you know what they say about (green) blood running thickerthan water.   more

“Sa bawat sabi ko na susuko na ako, nandiyan ka para hawakan ang kamay ko. Sa bawat sabi ko na hindi ko na kaya, nandiyan ka para saluhin ako. At bawat pag-iyak ko pag malalayo, nandiyan ka para pasiyahin ako.” more

Vlad and Rachel met when they were in college. It wasn’t love at first sight for Rachel but it’s a love story they can truly call their own. more

November 8 marked the start of a busy wedding season for us wedding suppliers. And what a great way to start the season by shooting Jay and Suzy’s wedding. This couple is surrounded by a lot of happy and positive people, which is why we thought it turned out to be a beautiful wedding. Hope you enjoy watching their SDE. more


The days leading up to Mako and Charo’s wedding, it was raining pretty hard. Typhoon Glenda even came to visit and wreak havoc in Metro Manila. The day of their wedding, however, there was not a drop of rain during the preps. It wasn’t until Charo had already made her grand entrance in the church when it started raining. We were even blessed by beautiful fireworks from MoA just as the couple was about to enter the reception venue. It was a blessed day indeed. Please enjoy Mako and Charo’s SDE. more


We met Brian and Camille almost a year ago when they passed by our booth at the Themes and Motifs bridal fair. Before we knew it, it was already their wedding day! And what a beautiful day it was. The sun was shining bright yet there was a cool breeze in the air. Just a perfect day to get married! more